Welcome to Indulkana Anangu School

Indulkana Anangu School is a Birth to Year 12 site in the Anangu Lands Partnership on the APY Lands. We have a Family Centre (Birth to 3 years old) and a Preschool (3-5 years old) on the school site both providing strong early learning programs.

The school values of Kunpu wanganara nintiringkupai (Strong, smart and respectful learners) is at the centre of all we do at Indulkana Anangu School. Our students, staff and families work together to ensure that all that attend our school have the knowledge and skills to be able to ‘walk in both worlds’.

The majority of students at Indulkana are bilingual or multilingual and their first language is Pitjantjatjara or Yankunytjatjara.

Working at Indulkana

A mother with her child at Indulkana
Working in a remote location can pose challenges however living within a rich culture provides an amazing opportunity.

The staff at Indulkana Anangu School are a strong team comprised of Anangu and piranpa educators. Each learning space has a teacher and an AEW who work together to provide an engaging teaching and learning program. Staff have participated in the Stronger Smarter Leadership program and have embedded the philosophy and strategies in the site.

New staff are required to attend an Induction Program prior to their appointment. The program includes an introduction to Anangu Culture to 4WD training over an 8 day period.

Weekly staff meetings involving both piranpa and Anangu staff ensure that all staff members can have input into the democratic, participatory decision making processes that are set up in the school. Communication across the school community happens in Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunyjatjara and English and is a major factor in fostering a strong working together school ethos.

Year level meetings for teachers across the Anangu Lands are organised so that teachers maintain close professional contact with colleagues working in the partnership. School leaders meet at twice a term at a central location to consider DECD and partnership initiatives and general programs. The PYEC (Anangu Coordinators form an executive of this representative group) conducts a meeting each term in providing direction for teaching and learning across the Lands’ schools.

A collaborative working relationship exists between all schools within the Partnership and also with the Wiltja Residential Program Secondary Program operating in Adelaide. An Education Director and Assistant Director, along with a group of school support personnel are in place to foster these working relationships and enhance the educational programs in the Anangu Lands Partnership.

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